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The one app you need for all your Cuckoo appliances

All-NewAmazing Features

  • Manage Your Account
  • Light Reads
  • Browse Products
  • Live Chat
  • Brandstore Locator

More Amazing FeaturesComing soon …

  • Reward System
  • Service Appointment
  • Online Store
  • Recipe Videos
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6 Ways to Collect CUCKOO+ Points

9500 Giant/Aeon Big Cash Voucher (RM20)
12000 Starbucks Gift Card (RM20)
15000 GSC Movie Voucher X2
22000 Baskin Robbin Cash Voucher (RM50)
24000 Gian/Aeon Big Cash Voucher (RM50)
25000 Popular Cash Voucher (RM50)
42000 H&M Gift Card (RM100)
45000 IKEA Gift Card (RM100)
50000 CUCKOO E-Voucher (RM100)
230000 CR-0631F
300000 0651F
600000 Red M10
1060000 Black HN10
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