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Natural Care Service

Price ListService Price (Yearly inclusive filters replacement and service conducted every 4 months)

  • TITAN$399
  • PRINCE TOP$380
  • WARRIOR$330
  •  FUSION TOP$300
  •  QUEEN STAND$400
  • KING TOP$300
  •  ICON$330
  • MARVEL$270
  • XCEL$320

Check List

  • Natural Care Service Visit

    Natural Care Service Visit

    Filter replacement every 4 months

  • Servis 1-to-1


    Customised and professional service

  • Sterilisasi Uap Air

    Steam Sterilisation

    For water tank and faucet

  • Pemeriksaan 15 titik NCS

    NCS 15-Point Check

    Ensure each part is functioning well and clean

  • Servis Tambahan

    Additional Care Service

    Steam sterilisation for chopping board and sink

Filter Replacement Schedule

  • 4Months

    Sediment Filter

  • 8Months

    Pre-Carbon Filter

  • 12Months

    Natural Filter

  • 12Months

    Nano Positive Filter

Filter replacement schedule vary for model EPIC, MARVEL, JAZZ and PRINCE TOP.

NCS 15-Point Check

  • 1Adaptor
  • 2Power Point
  • 3Top Cover
  • 4Bottom Cover
  • 5Water Tray
  • 6Water Faucet
  • 7Water Tank
  • 8Filter
  • 9Tubing
  • 10Connector
  • 11Hot/Cold Switch
  • 12Child Lock Safety Button
  • 13Touch Cup/Level
  • 14Machine Body
  • 15Service Sticker & Explanation

9 Steps for Servicing

  • Hidupkan Alat Penguap
    1Switch on the Steamer
  • Cabut saringan air lama
    2Unplug the old filter
  • 3Flush the new filter
    Bilas saringan air baru
  • 4Use the steamer to sterilise the water tank
    Gunakan alat penguap untuk proses sterilisasi tangki air
  • 5Sterilise the faucet
    Sterilisasikan keran
  • 6Install the new filter
    Pasang saringan baru
  • 7Additional NCS – Sterilise the wet kitchen
    Servis tambahan NCS – Sterilisasi dapur basah
  • 8Additional NCS – Sterilise the chopping board
    Servis tambahan NCS – Sterilisasi papan talenan
  • 9Update the records on the service card
    Catat servis baru di kartu servis
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