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BeyondDrinking Water

At CUCKOO, we dedicate ourselves to designing water purifiers that are capable of producing safe drinking water that meets the standards set by the World Health Organization.


Adorned in regal Rose Gold and housed in our slimmest design yet, PRINCE Top is Singapore’s first water purifier that does not require a cold water tank.

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Beautifully designed. First in the world to feature In & Out Electrolysis Auto Sterilisation.

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A 6-stage filtration water purifier that is perfect for any home.

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When it comes to large offices and families, size matters.

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The newest addition to the family – the CUCKOO King Top Water Purifier.

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Tankless – Super slim and space sving design.

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Quality meets style

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CUCKOO Singapore has brought in six water purifier models which are Fusion Top, Icon, Epic, King Top, Deluxe and latest model Prince Top. From small families to big corporate groups, these models are designed differently to expand the accessibility of the brand’s products to consumers of all income groups.

These technological advancements are implemented in the 6-stage water filtration system that provides CUCKOO customers with the guarantee of clean water through every drop dispensing. Best water purification system standard is having the ability to eliminate the harmful bacteria and viruses from the water while maintaining the good minerals.

Boiling water has been the traditional way of purifying water, but now, with modern water purifiers like the ones from CUCKOO, the No. 1 home appliance brand from South Korea, you can save yourself time and effort with their convenient and efficient drinking water filter system. You can have freshly filtered water instantly for the family at any time of day.

In the process of making a decision in choosing the best water purification system, you should compare the 4 most important criteria that determine the quality of a water purifier the water itself, the filters, the technology, and the after-sales service.

After purchase an alkaline water purifier, it is vital to have regular after sales service to maintain good drinking water filter system in a long-term consumption. After sales service includes periodical filter replacement every 4 months, steam-sterilization, electrolytic sterilization and additional service to steam sterilize for cutting board and sink. For customers, who are interested can also go for alkaline water dispenser in Singapore.

Not only are the products available to be purchased outright, but consumers can also purchase through the rental scheme or CUCKOO’s revolutionary payment schemes such as the True Rental Plan and Corporate True Rental Plan. Truly affordable and worries free plan that encourages more household to upgrade the lifestyle with alkaline drinking water filter system. With more choices in choosing outright purchase and rental plan, CUCKOO aims to bring the healthy home concept with water filtration system and more electrical home appliances.

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