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Water Dispenser

Types of Water Diѕреnѕеr

About 60% of human body composition is water. Water helps to hydrate your body and maintain our body temperature especially live at tropical country such as Singapore. Water benefits our body and provides a good environment for nutrients absorption and digestion. We had been taught since young to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily in order to keep your body hydrated and stay healthy. There is fun way that we enjoy regular water drinking habits from water dispensers that serve you multi temperature by just a touch button.

Generally, there are two kind of water dispensers in the market – bottled water and direct-piping water dispenser. Bottled water usually seen in blue colour gallon bottles free standing dispenser and placed in an inverted position with a рull оf a spigot lever or with a push of a button allows the water to flow into the water dispenser internal tank. Bottled water is normally deliver to corporate offices regularly at a fix subscription quantity and monthly fees. Big storage space required to store used empty gallon bottle and  newly deliver of full gallon bottles.

On the other hand, direct piping water dispenser is directly connected to the in-house water source which water flow into the machines continuously. This is much more space saving and hygiene for drinking water with hot and cold functions. You need less effort to boil water or keep the bottled water in the fridge to have chilling drinking water. With this type of water dispenser, you gets hot and cold drinking water instantly with filtration system build-in the machine.

Making a choice is not that hard with numerous companies in the market today that offer lots of varieties оf water dispensers. There are also counter top models or floor models that you can choose from to accommodate different needs to the usage of capacity for the supply of hot and cold water.

Thе floor models are those mostly seen in offices, clinics, community centres and even stores. Water dispensers come in different types, sizes and features such as child-lock button to avoid being burnt by hot water by push button. Popular water dispensers are Korea brand and CUCKOO is one of the self-manufacturing brand in Korea.


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